hi! i'm tony. i'm a phd student at mit's brain and cognitive sciences, working with josh tenenbaum in the computational cognitive science group. i'm currently supported by an ndseg fellowship.

at a high level, i'm interested in how humans plan their actions and understand other people's actions, under our limited cognitive resources. in particular, i'm interested in how we simplify problems to make them tractable -- by splitting them into subproblems, pruning away things that are irrelevant to our goal, and by forming abstractions to better compress information. as such, i'm interested in multiple subfields of cognitive science: intuitive physics, planning / decision making, and social cognition. i draw from a computational toolbox that primarily includes bayesian statistics, but i'm also very interested in seeing how methods from robotics (particularly task and motion planning) and program synthesis can be brought to bear on these questions.

i'm a big fan of listening to other people's music -- so if you have a song / playlist / artist that you really like, i'd love to hear it :)

previously i was a student and postbac at boston college, where i studied psychology, mathematics, and computer science, and worked with joshua hartshorne, liane young, and stefano anzellotti.