hi! i'm tony. i'm a first year phd student at mit's brain and cognitive sciences, working with josh tenenbaum in the computational cognitive science group. i'm currently supported by an ndseg fellowship.

at a high level, i'm broadly interested in the interface between perception and action. how do we distill the world around us into an efficient yet flexible representation that is useful for planning and acting? how do we integrate these representations with our background knowledge and models of the world in a goal directed manner? finally, how do we dynamically incorporate new information as we interact with the world and with other agents? as such, i'm interested in multiple subfields of cognitive science -- intuitive physics, planning and decision making, and social cognition. i draw from a computational toolbox that primarily includes bayesian statistics and reinforcement learning, but i'm also interested in seeing how methods from program synthesis and robotics can be brought to bear on these questions.

i'm a big fan of listening to other people's music -- so if you have a song / playlist / artist that you really like, i'd love to hear it :)

previously i was a student and postbac at boston college, where i studied psychology, mathematics, and computer science, and worked with joshua hartshorne, liane young, and stefano anzellotti.